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Although evidence based research supports the efficacy for the use of hippotherapy and equine assisted therapy as a therapeutic tool by occupational, physical and speech therapists, many reimbursement sources (insurance companies) will not cover these services because they are considered “experimental”. This prevents people from the ability to participate in a hippotherapy program if they are unable to pay for these services themselves.

Although hippotherapy is an effective treatment tool for therapists, running a program like this is not cost effective. Even when insurance reimburses for these services, the reimbursement rate is the same for hippotherapy as it is for traditional, clinic-based therapy however the cost to provide these services are vastly different. For every session of hippotherapy there must be an experienced horse handler to lead to horse, a sidewalker to ensure safety and the therapist. Additional expenses include but are not limited to hay, feed, medications (such as wormer), veterinary services, pasture land, a large, indoor, heated arena, horse care including labor to feed, exercise and clean them and hoof care.

In addition to all that, it is also  important for hippotherapy programs to purchase new equipment to keep the participants and the horses safe and supported. Therapist utilize a large variety of horse tack and special equipment to faciliate a treatment session that is safe and maximizes benefits. It is also important to have appropriate equipment to care for the horses. This includes proper fencing, pasture care to maintain grass and decrease moisture which can cause hoof problems.

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Our sixth annual Giddy Up 5K will be Saturday May 14, 2022 at 8am at the North Forsyth Middle School. Now an Official AJC Peachtree Road Race Qualifying Event


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